For all the years that I’ve been addicted to the computer, I’ve never really attempted a web site. I’ve been asked why and usually answered that I really didn’t have anything to say. I tried a small site in the late 90s - when my dear and sorely missed friend Dana Atchley gave me an crash course in Dreamweaver. But like most things technical, if I don’t use it every day I quickly lose the skills and have to be retrained every time I open the software.

Now along comes iWeb from Apple, just the ticket for me with its typically elegant Apple designed templates. I found that I could tweak the templates a bit to suit my needs and decided to have another shot at it. It will be a patchwork that I’ll add to and subtract from as the mood hits me. This site is personal - maybe just vanity - I just wanted to see if I could do it. So here goes.


Finally - a site

This is about things, people and places that have been part of my life. Mostly positive - sometimes maybe a bit negative. We’ll see.